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A safe and comfortable environment for our staff and patients.

How we treat Covid-19

Naples Dental employees have been practicing above and beyond safety protocols in an effort to provide the upmost sanitary environment in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. Our Initiative delivers the confidence needed to protect our staff, patients, and communities. Providing a safe environment for stress-free dental care remains our top priority. 

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Naples Dental and Implant Center - Covid-19 Safe - wear mask icon
Naples Dental and Implant Center - Covid-19 - Covid Safe Icon

Our staff at Naples Dental disinfect surfaces throughout the day, before and after every patient on top of following OSHA and CDC guidelines. We practice social distancing, wear gloves, face masks and follow protocols that have been put into place to restrict contact. Every staff must wash their hands frequently and use hand sanitizer with hydrogen peroxide rinse to help protect patients.

Employees at Naples Dental all use the recommended protective devices for their particular roles including face and eye protection, gloves, gowns, and surgical mask or respirator, if needed. Only the highest level of approved personal protection equipment available will be used to reduce the risks of  our patients and staff. If a patient does not have these devices, they will be provided free of cost.

Naples Dental and Implant Center - Covid-19 Safe - Patient Awareness and monitoring icon

Every patient must wear a face covering and complete the Naples Dental COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire. Patients and their guests will have their temperature checked at the door and the appointment may be rescheduled if any safety hazards are detected. Patients may be asked to wait in their vehicles or outside until the doctor or hygienist can see them.

Naples Dental and Implant Center - Covid-19 Safe - Staff Memeber Monitoring Icon

We, at Naples Dental, have implemented a detailed plan to allow our staff and patients to safely return to our office. Our team keeps up-to-date with current virus information and public safety guidelines. Communicating proper Information and guidelines to our patients ensures everyone’s safety.

Naples Dental and Implant Center - Covid-19 Safe - Traning and Education Icon

Safety training meetings have been conducted weekly to ensure compliance with all the Naples Dental operating procedures including bacteria control, disinfectant product use, social distancing, protection equipment use, and health criteria. Training meeting are mandatory for all team members prior to interacting with patients.


All Naples Dental staff members are screened twice a day and temperatures are recorded by our Office Manager. Anyone showing cold-like symptoms will be sent to testing and told to stay home from work until results are available. Employees can return once a negative test result can be provided.

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