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A Christmas miracle!

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

On Christmas eve 2020, a very upset mother sent a message to our company via our website. Her daughter had an accident at her home while playing with her siblings, fell and knocked out one front tooth and almost 2 more. This was pretty severe damage, especially for a young girl on Christmas Eve.. No dental office was willing to help or even reply..

1 doctor rose to the occasion, just one.... Dr. D'Amico of Naples Dental and Implant Center. The doctor left Christmas dinner with his friends and family to speak to the distraught mother. After viewing photos of the damage, the mother and doctor confirmed the child would be ok for the night and he told her to bring her little girl in the very next morning. So, on Christmas Morning 2020, Dr. D'Amico left his home before his family had even awoke, came to his office and opened it up just for this little girl. He didn't ask any of his staff to come in and help him, he didn't want to intrude on their holiday with their families. The girl was frightened and in pain, but the good doctor comforted her and reassured her that everything was going to be ok. "You will smile today, I promise" he said.

(It turns out now that the family wasn't all that well off and doesn't want to pay the bill and the Doctor isn't stressing it at all, if he could go back in time, he would do it all over again and again and again.) "Some things just aren't about money" He claims.

I, myself, can confirm this behavior. I used to do a little side work for the doctor long ago, a little computer work here and there. After not speaking to him for over 6 months, I had a very bad tooth that I had been putting off for a very long time and was in intense pain! I had no insurance and very little cash at that time. The doctor told me to come in the very next morning, on a Saturday and opened the office just for me. Dr. D'Amico fixed my tooth and didn't ask for money, instead he gave me work and then paid me for doing it!!

These are not isolated incidents. Since I've been working for Dr. D'Amico, I can't even count how many times this man has gone out of his way to help others who are less fortunate than him. This is the type of small business owners we need, not these corporate entities that see people as nothing more than numbers.

Bless your heart Dr. D'Amico, you are not just a dentist, not just a boss, you are my friend and a friend to the community!

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