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Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening has become increasingly more popular in the past few decades. Everyone wants to have whiter teeth, but as we age, our teeth tend to discolor. Tooth discoloration occurs for various reasons. First, the enamel wears down as we age, revealing darker tissue inside. Then there are the obvious reason, coffee, tea, and other habits that can easily stain teeth. Whitening your teeth and having a brighter smile can make you feel better about yourself and help build your self-confidence!

Naples Dental and Implant Center - Teeth Whitening - Before and after teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening is better

Teeth Whitening

Practicing good oral hygiene before and after you have them whitened is still very important. Teeth whitening is just to give you that extra little boost. It’s still necessary to practice preventive dentistry at home to keep your teeth looking pretty and white. Make sure to brush twice per day, floss at least once, and get routine cleanings every six months or so.

Home teeth whitening VS professional whitening

Using at home whitening kits can be bad for your gums, teeth, and overall oral health. You don’t know exactly what ingredients are in those kits. There’s always a good chance that they contain chemicals that you really don't want to have in your mouth. When you have your teeth professionally whitened at Naples Dental, you can be sure that your gums are protected and safe from any chemicals.

Professionally whitened teeth will always look better than teeth whitened at home. Naples Dental professionals are experienced and use only the best methods available to give you your best and whitest smile. You’ll get the confidence and self-esteem boost you want in the shortest amount of time. Having your teeth whitened can help you in most aspects of your professional and social life.

Professional teeth whitening is quicker

Getting your teeth professionally whitened at Naples Dental means that you’ll see your results quickly. You won’t have to deal with at home whitening products, which could take a long time to work. Professional whitening is quicker and doesn’t require any extra effort on your part, other than maintaining good oral health after the teeth whitening to keep them at the shade you want them.

Naples Dental and Implant Center - Teeth Whitening - Teeth Whitening tools

Your Naples Dental professional will check the shade of your teeth and your overall dental health. Then you’ll get to decide on a whitening method that’s just right for your needs.

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