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Benefits of an On-Site Dental Lab

You might think that every dentist office has a Dental Lab. You might think that everything is made in-house. If you think this, you will want to continue reading..

What is a Dental Lab?

{(Dental Lab aka Denture Lab, On-Site Dental Lab or In-House Dental Lab) Dental laboratories manufacture or customize a variety of products to assist in the provision of oral health care by a licensed dentist. These products include crowns, bridges, dentures and other dental products.Wikipedia}

A dental laboratory and its technicians are a vital part of a patient’s dental care. The laboratory works directly with dentists by following their detailed instructions. It uses impressions and molds of the patient's teeth or oral soft tissues, to create dentures, partial dentures and implants, bridges, crowns, veneers and orthodontic appliances to help straighten and protect teeth and to ensure a beautiful smile.

99% of Dental Offices DO NOT HAVE A DENTAL LAB. If you have had dentures, crowns, bridges etc. Odds are, they were mass produced in a Lab, usually in California, and took a very long time to get (up to 6 months), very costly and required immediate modifications.

Benefits of an On-Site Dental Lab:

Quality Control:

Having our laboratory on-site allows us to have much better control of your treatment from start to finish. It also helps to ensure the quality of the product and service that the lab provides. Our lab technicians can provide a customized service as they can assess your needs together with our dentists at your initial appointment. Our Dental Lab Technicians can make precise molds of your teeth right here and have advanced technology that allows them to see the shape, formation and exact color of your teeth at the early stages. They can easily locate any problems that will involve their expertise and work on them with our dentist from the start. This minimizes the risks of any errors or mistakes, which can cost you time and money.

The fact is, most dentists send out their Lab work to the lowest bidder who mass produces these dental products in the fastest and cheapest manner allowed by law. These Lab orders contain limited information about the patient and allow for little to no customization. All people are not the same, so why would our teeth be any different? Having an On-Site Dental Lab allows a single human to personally hand make your dental product, not an assembly line. As soon as the first version of the product leaves the lab it can be fit and tested immediately by the patient. Color, Fit, Strength and Aesthetic values can be quickly assessed and any modifications can be made right away to ensure a perfect product.

Since our lab doesn't produce thousands of these dental products each month, we can afford to make each one special, we can afford to use the best materials only. Naples Dental and Implant Center takes pride in each and every dental masterpiece it creates. As a customer, you will get a 1 of a kind product, perfectly customized just for your mouth!


Your teeth are a vital part of your appearance. Having a beautiful smile is important for your confidence. Technicians in laboratories, who craft your crowns, veneers, implants or dentures, have the skills to ensure that you get the best dental restoration. It is much harder to provide this customized treatment if the technician is not able to evaluate your mouth. Having an On-Site Dental Lab means your technician can meet you face to face and ensure he or she makes the right choice of color, shape, direction and size for your restoration so it matches your facial features, skin color and the rest of your teeth.

When Cosmetic Dentistry is performed correctly, no one should ever know it was done.

Did you know there are hundreds of shades of teeth and gums? Not everyone's teeth and gums are the same color, shape or size. Not everyone's face is the same shape either. When an order is placed with a third party Denture Lab who specializes in mass production, you honestly never know what you are going to end up with, and wait a very long time to find out. Having the ONLY ON-SITE DENTAL LAB IN NAPLES, FL. allows our doctors and technicians to work directly with our patients. A denture may be modified, several times in a single day, before both the technician and patient are 100% satisfied. This can only be done if there is an On-Site Dental Lab.


If your dentist does not have a Dental Lab on-site, you will often have to make multiple trips for fittings so they can be sent to an offsite laboratory for adjustments each time. You may also have the inconvenience of having to wear a temporary restoration until your final product has been made and fitted. With an onsite lab you may only have to wait one day for your treatment to be completed. Our technicians can take molds and make fittings in one appointment. When your treatment is underway our technician will be on hand to check the shape, color and fit in person. This ensures optimal cosmetic appearance and functional results. It also reduces the need for second appointments if the change can be made onsite.

As mentioned before in this article, TIME can be just as important as functionality. Who wants to wait months after your teeth are removed to receive your first denture? A lot can happen in those months. Or, worse yet, wait months only to receive a denture or other dental product that doesn't match in color, shape or size and be told to wait even longer. Don't miss that special engagement, that job interview or worry about being embarrassed in front of others. At Naples Dental and Implant Center, we can create and fit most Lab Products that same day.


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