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Dental facts you probably don't know. Part 7

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

• In the 1800s, people who had false teeth in England ate in their bedrooms before gatherings and events at the dinner table. This unique Victorian tradition protected them against the embarrassment of having their teeth 'fall off' while dining.

• Dolphins use their teeth to grab only, not to chew, as dolphins' jaws have no


• Mosquitoes do not have teeth, they have 47 sharp daggers that run along each side of a long, piercing proboscis. With a weapon like that, who needs teeth? The proboscis is an elongated mouthpart that is used like a hypodermic needle to pierce the skin.

• In 1905, dental assistant Irene Newman was trained to clean teeth. She became the first dental hygienist.

• Not too long ago, dentures were common wedding gifts in the British Isles. At that time, many people expected to lose all their teeth and had their teeth extracted at an early age.

• Why do dentists want you to floss? Because if you don’t, you miss about 40% of your tooth surface.

• Here’s a good reason to fight plaque: it is home to up to 300 different types of bacteria.

• Dentists recommend brushing your teeth for two minutes. The average person does it for just 48 seconds.

• Elephants grow 6 sets of teeth in their life. These teeth last about 10 years.

• Elephant teeth can be a foot across and weigh six pounds.

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