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Dental facts you probably don't know. Part 10

• According to “Consumer’s Report”, Dentist’s are among the 5 most trusted

professionals in the U.S.

• Jaw muscles can contract with a force as great as 55 pounds of pressure on anterior incisors, and 200 pounds of pressure on back molars.

• Adults have 32 teeth, children have 20 teeth.

• In 1840 the world’s first dental school opened in Baltimore.

• In 1859, 26 dentists met at Niagara Falls and started the American Dental

Association for the exchange of information.

• Some Inuit people can exert 350lbs of pressure, while the average North American can only exert approximately 30-40lbs per square inch of pressure with their jaws.

• U.S. and Japanese studies have found that black or green tea has antibacterial powers that help prevent cavities and gum disease.

• Over 40% of North Americans have at least one tooth that could benefit from some type of treatment.

• A very old, obscure and not enforced law In Vermont; it is illegal for women to wear false teeth without the written permission of their husband.

• Most tooth loss in people under 35 years of age is caused by athletic trauma, fights or accidents. The cause of most tooth loss in people over 35 is periodontal disease.

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