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Dental Fillings

What are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings have been around for centuries. This extremely important procedure has saved millions of teeth from being lost or worse. Most people think the only reason to get a dental filling is to fill the space remaining after a cavity is removed. Though filling a cavity is definitely the main reason for a dental filling, there are some additional reasons worth considering:

Naples Dental and Implant Center - Dental Fillings - 3D image of a dental filling

Dental Fillings

All cavities need immediate filling

Only your dentist can tell if you have a cavity that requires drilling and a dental filling. If you have tooth decay that causes a cavity, your dentist will drill out the infected portion of the tooth and apply a filling. This filling has the potential to last decades if regular checkups and cleaning are performed.

Helping the loss of tooth structure

When a tooth is damaged, its structure will be put in jeopardy. If enough of this tooth structure is lost, it might be necessary to apply a dental filling for enhanced support and visual uniformity throughout the mouth.

Even a small hole could benefit from a filling

In some cases, a patient has small holes in one or several teeth that could benefit from fillings. These holes are not always cavities. Some holes might not even cause any real discomfort, but they should still be filled. If these little holes in your teeth are not properly filled right away, the potential for food particles and bacteria to accumulate in that hole and cause infection increases. Even the smallest hole will expand unless they are filled right away.

Fractured teeth need to be filled

In most cases, a fractured tooth can be repaired with a white composite filling. Teeth can fracture for various reasons and some fractures can be caused by physical accidents, such as falling or chewing on something hard. Unfortunately, even the aging process can increased the chances of having a fractured tooth. Even though these fractures were not caused by plaque or bad hygiene practices, they can lead to infection or worse if not treated right away. 

Fillings can help discolored teeth

Some dental professionals use fillings on teeth that have become discolored over the years after extensive exposure to wine, coffee, soda pop, candy and other acidic foods and beverages. Teeth grinding and the use of teeth to open things can cause discoloration. If you have discolored teeth, Naples Dental has a multitude of options available to restore your smile.

Naples Dental ad Implant Center - Dental Fillings - Doctor performing a dental filling
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